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Mass Media Orientation and External Communication Strategies Exploring Organisational Differences
Time:2020-07-06 17:26

Anke Wonneberger and Sandra Jacobs

Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR), University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands



This study assesses relationships between mass media orientations of communication professionals in organisations and their external communication strategies. We assume that mass media orientations within an organisation may affect an organisation’s external communication strategies of bridging and buffering. A survey among 150 Dutch communication professionals working for both for-profit and public organisations as well as NPOs was conducted. Our study shows that preferences for specific communication strategies are related to different forms of media orientation. Having media attention as an organisational goal is more strongly associated with buffering, that is, one-way and symmetric communication, yet a more negative attitude toward the media also hinders an organisation from bridging activities. Overall, few differences between the three types of organisations regarding communication strategies and media orientations were found.


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